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Over $175+ worth of amazing goodies to shower yourself from our ‘BIRTHDAY’ box!

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As season after season zooms past us, we may sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. When you’re caught up with the demands of a fast-paced world, caring for yourself often gets put on the backburner. This month, shift your attention to looking and feeling beautiful—inside and out. Don’t let the hustle and bustle dim your light. It’s high time for a GLOW UP!

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Say hello to radiant & tightened skin! This must-have beauty tool is designed with sonic vibrational technology to imitate the effects of a professional facial! The luxe 24k gold-plated wand emits 6000+ vibrations per minute to emulate an optimal facial massage that stimulates cells + blood flow, depuffs, lifts & contours all at once. Upgrade your skincare routine by using the beauty bar to penetrate serums effectively into your epidermis, or for a relaxing facial massage that will feel like an at-home spa party! FUN FACT: DermaTech is a Canadian skincare boutique with a mission to encourage self-care at home, essentially turning your home into a spa! TIP: For optimum results, it is encouraged to use the beauty bar daily for 10-15 minutes.


Enjoy a blissful night of relaxation and deep sleep– the perfect way to wind down after a day of celebration! Though widely known for its calming and mind-soothing properties, Lavender also has a myriad of skin benefits. Made in the USA, this lush mask combats acne, speeds healing, reduces scars, and helps relieve dry, itchy skin, leaving you looking and feeling good! Beauty Kitchen’s lavender-infused relaxation mask can also be applied to bug bites to relieve inflammation and itching so pack this on your next grand adventure! FUN FACT: Beauty Kitchen is a woman-owned company based in Nevada. Their products are 100% natural, handmade, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free! TIP: Mask can be left on for 20 minutes or as an overnight treatment!


It’s our birthday! The best way to celebrate? With cake! Sit back, relax, and make a wish. This 100% soy wax candle fills the room and envelops your senses with sweet Birthday cake and vanilla scents, instantly putting you in a festive mood! The oh-so-yummy scent will delight your senses and make you feel like every day is your birthday! A single whiff transports you to a place with confetti, balloons, and merry tunes. Spritzed with gold specs for that extra birthday effect, it’s a guaranteed party anytime you light this candle! Reminder: you don’t need a special occasion to light the candle – life is a party and deserves to be celebrated daily! 


ALL IS WELL… Allow the worries, fears and stress to fade away. We hope this pen reminds you to simply enjoy and celebrate the little moments of daily life. No matter how hard or stressful a situation may seem, everything will be okay. This pen not only writes beautifully, but also blends functionality with feminine elegance. Sometimes, the simple act of writing with a beautiful new tool can bring joy to even the most mundane tasks of making a list or writing checks! If you ever run out of ink, simply replace the ballpoint ink gels with standard ink pen refills.


What myths have you heard about facial oils that may need some reexamination? Truth is, our skin has a natural affinity for high-quality oils and the epidermis requires healthy fats and oils to prevent damage and breakouts. Bring out the best in your skin with 3rd + Fairfax Beauty Cucumber and Marula facial oil– safe for all skin types including oily complexions (naturally derived oils aren’t responsible for breakouts, in fact antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oils such as this one are particularly good for skin-prone to breakouts)! This antioxidant powerhouse combines natural Marula Oil, along with a super blend of ingredients such as cucumber and Vitamin E to keep your complexion supple and tight while fighting free radicals. Cucumbers are naturally hydrating and have numerous anti-aging benefits, while Marula Oil has antimicrobial properties that contain 60% more antioxidants than most other oils to pack a powerful punch against aging and sun damage. Treat yourself to this luxe facial oil that will surely become a staple in your face care routine! FUN FACT: This vegan facial oil is non-GMO, gluten free, free of parabens and made in sunny Los Angeles! TIP: Facial oils are skincare essentials meant to be applied after the facial serum step. Facial oils can replace moisturizers if your skin is hydrated enough, but those with dry skin can use facial oils in conjunction with creams/lotions for extra hydration.


Don’t be afraid to pop the champagne, be the life of the party and sparkle a little brighter! This dual-ended Cookies & Cream shadow stick is a combination of warm biscuit golden brown paired with a shimmering champagne cream, giving you two versatile shades to transform your look effortlessly from day to night. Eyeko’s creamy shadow stick gently glides onto eyelids, leaving an even finish that can be easily blended. Not to mention, it’s vegan, long-lasting, fade-proof, highly pigmented, buildable, and smudge-proof for up to 8 hours. Simply swipe to create an effortless look, perfect for anyone on the go! FUN FACT: Double Act Eyeshadow stick is made in Czech Republic – the country with the most castles!


The multipurpose Kolonya™ is a 4-in-1 rinse-free hand cleanser, hydrating serum, antioxidant boost and refreshing mist all in one product! We’re all about transforming the mundane into a party and this tiny yet mighty luxe sanitizer is irresistible with its enchanting aroma! A single spritz will transport you into a state of bliss. Who knew a hand sanitizer could do so much? “Paris” is flirty and playful with notes of lavender, rose and citrus to transport you to the perfect Parisian flower shop on a warm spring day–what’s not to celebrate about that? Made in New Jersey, USA with organic extracts, all natural fragrance, and no artificial dyes, it is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan & toxin-free. Its special formulation makes it suitable for sensitive skin – including children and pets! FUN FACT: Esas Kolonya™ is inspired by the 200-year old noble Turkish ritual of welcoming guests by cleansing their hands as they entered the home.

PSA: the scent has us all absolutely addicted and we’ve been over sanitizing our hands since getting our hands on this 😅


LIFE is a special occasion, and it is worthy of daily celebration! Here to add some spice and adventure to your weeks ahead, the Year Of Celebrations Scratch-Off Activity Book includes monthly whimsical mystery activities to inspire little acts of joy, festivity and fun anytime of the year! Let’s make it a practice to find celebration-worthy moments in our lives! They don’t always have to be extravagant events such as buying a house or finding a new job. Celebrate little wins like mastering a new skill or adding to your savings account! It is always good to see how far you’ve come and appreciate yourself, too. Know that you are doing a great job, and your efforts are paying off! Each month, we’ve listed something you can celebrate – new beginnings, love, strength, kindness, and the list goes on. This book will serve as both a guide and reminder to invite celebration and gratitude in your daily life! When you learn to appreciate the smallest of things, every day becomes a party.

The activity book encourages you to make room for celebration and enjoyment in your life, no matter how big or how small. In this journey called life, it is important to appreciate each and every moment. Celebrate the little things in life, because that’s what makes it all the more worthwhile! Try scratching off at least one activity per week – it will encourage you to celebrate and be thankful for something new! As time goes by, feel free to build your own lists and celebrate all the things that you would like! It won’t be an easy feat squeezing it into your packed schedules, but trust us, it’s more than worth it. This book is definitely a good starting point for you to have a change in perspective and start seeing everything good happening in life.

No cheating! Once you scratch off a circle, there are no take backs! Even if you’re busy and it doesn’t seem like the right time to do the activity, challenge yourself to make the time for it either within the day or week, and allow your spirit to come back from the activity feeling rejuvenated. Add this to your daily routine or use the booklet on days when you need a little pick me up. Celebrate yourself! You are worthy of your time, love and devotion.


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Beauty Kitchen | Lavender ‘Take a Breather Sugar Scrub | $30.50
beautykitchen.net | @BEAUTYKITCHENJUNKIE

Radiate peace and glow from within with this invigorating Lavender Sugar Scrub. This fragrant purple blossom is mixed with sugar’s natural exfoliating properties. Beauty Kitchen, a cult-favorite indie brand, creates magic and infuses Lavender oils + raw sugar cane into a tub of soothing scrub called ‘Take a Breather.’ Truly, anyone can take a breather with this natural blend that relaxes the skin and soothes your spirit! Gently scrub off dead skin cells without stripping moisture and leave your skin polished, well-hydrated and radiant for the ultimate glow! This gentle scrub is suitable to be used daily for the face and body. Pro Tip: Lavender is a holistic remedy for itch relief from insect bites. Use this instead of chemical-filled anti-itch creams. Bonus: This exfoliating scrub also reduces inflammation on acne-prone skin and is a natural antiseptic. Please note: due to supply chain issues, outer packaging for this product may vary slightly from the photo. However, rest assured it’s still the same quality product on the inside!

Skin & Co | Truffle Therapy Morning Dew Botanical Cleansing Gel |$27
skinandco.com | @skinandco
Use Code: THERA20 for a therabox exclusive discount: 20% Off at skin&co!

An aura as dazzling as the sun, and skin fresh as the morning dew—thanks to a bottle of Truffle Therapy Morning Dew Cleanser holding the nourishment your skin needs so you can start the day gleaming! Founded and crafted in Italy, SKIN&CO offers natural products harnessing the remarkable antioxidant properties of Black Winter Truffle and this cleanser is no exception to this high standard. Save time daily as you tick off three to-do’s in your skincare routine with a single step! This multitasking gel concurrently cleanses, exfoliates and brightens the complexion. Best of all? It removes dead skin cells without stripping skin of moisture and lightens pigmentation as it washes away impurities while simultaneously tackling long-term free radical damage—keeping premature aging at bay. As early as the glow of the morning dew, this sulfate-free, plant-based gel perks you up, even before you’ve had your cuppa joe! With this staple, you’ve def got it glowing on, girl! STEPS: Lather 2 pumps of this rich formula enriched with purified Italian water and massage it gently in a circular motion for about a minute, then rinse all the bad stuff away!

FUN FACT: SKIN&CO donates a portion of sales to Red Cross, Unicef, Children Glaucoma Foundation

Nourish Mantra | Urban Rani Serum | $35
nourishmantra.com | @nourishmantra
Use Code: THERA5 for 5% Off With a Minimum Purchase of $20. Valid for a limited time

This serum is jam-packed with nourishing ingredients to help your skin glow from within! Nourish Mantra’s fountain of youth in a bottle combats signs of skin fatigue due to pollution and keeps skin dewy, soft and illuminated. Formulated with fortifying plant-based AHAs, skin rejuvenating Vitamins B3 and C, luscious fruits + vibrant botanicals- this fast-acting formula targets blemishes + dark spots while imparting a youthful suppleness. Fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation are old news, with Urban Rani Serum working double overtime. With its lightweight and non-sticky formula, you’ll barely notice it working its magic! Plus, support great skin as well as a good cause! Nourish Mantra donates 1% of profits towards mental health awareness!

May your days ahead be glowing and growing with our Glow Up Box!

Over $175+ worth of feel-good goodies!

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