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Full Reveal of the Indulge Box


Get ready to INDULGE from head-to-toe this month with over $150+ in goodies that will take care of your entire body, heart, and mind. Practicing self-love is more than just an indulgence. It is a discipline that requires mindfulness, deep and personal understanding of priorities, and respect for both ourselves and the people around us.

It’s time to indulge in both the micro and macro acts of self-love with a guilt-free conscience — check out all the self-care goodies in the INDULGE Box below:


What better way to show love for the largest organ in our body (skin!) than this nourishing and moisturizing body wash that not only hydrates parched skin but also strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barrier while it removes dirt and oil! The luxurious Aromatherapy Body Cleanser combines a blend of natural botanical extracts including essential oils of Geranium + Rosewood to ground and soothe the body, Bergamot + Lavender to hydrate, relieve anxiety & revitalize the senses, and lush micro 24k gold flakes to nourish and reveal glowing skin. It’s a full body-pampering trifecta as it leaves the skin feeling clean, lathers on without greasy residue, and smells therapeutically pleasant. Grab your loofah and shimmy into your birthday suit–it’s time to treat your body with the pampering it deserves!


Your eyes are everything. The windows to the soul, the way you see the world — and the first place people look. But bags, fine lines, puffiness & dark circles (and Netflix!) can leave your eyes looking less than their best. The skin around the eyes is also thinner than the rest of the face, meaning it’s super delicate and sometimes gets neglected in basic skin-care. Eyes Eyes Baby is a soothing anti-aging eye cream packed with crucial antioxidants that help keep the skin around your eyes feeling soft, supple, and refreshed! 100% vegan and free from all nasty chemicals, it features hand-picked vitamins and ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, including Squalane, Vitamin B3 & E, Caffeine, and Organic Gotu Kola — an ancient plant used for natural healing that preserves and restores the skin’s youthful glow. Shower your eyes with an extra dose of TLC and show off those bright eyes, eyes, baby!


Here’s the scoop — your scalp and hair health go hand in hand. When the skin on your head is happy, there’s a pretty solid shot your hair will be in its best state, too! Zion Health’s Deep Cleansing Scalp & Hair Scrub is a naturally-exfoliating scalp scrub that removes product buildup, impurities, and dead skin cells. Formulated with ingredients including vitamin B7, aloe, and argan oil, this scrub gently exfoliates while penetrating nutrients purifies the scalp to create the perfect environment for healthy hair to grow. Clay minerals and sea salt meanwhile remove a range of impurities and excess oils + its invigorating pear scent not only smells good, but it also helps with dandruff and scalp acne! 100% vegan and free from all harsh shenanigans — indulge in this extra layer of mindful skin-care for the root of your tips! RECOMMENDED USE: 1-2 times/week


It’s the month of indulgence and we’re all about pampering you from head to toe (oh wait, more like from scalp to heel)! Winter is slowly but surely coming to an end and it’s time to prep our feet for sandals weather. Grace & Stella’s Dr. Pedicure Foot Peeling Mask is an innovative foot care product that will unbelievably and undeniably shed the old, dead, callused skin right off your feet. Vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate, and paraben-free, these masks are made with 17 types of natural fruit and vegetable extracts to help slough away the coarse, rough, dead skin on your feet. Dead skin cells will begin to exfoliate and peel off 5-10 days after the initial treatment (please plan accordingly when you use) and don’t freak out– the shedding is absolutely normal! Directions: Please read the complete instructions before use: 1) Soak your feet in warm water for 10 mins, pat dry. 2) Place your feet inside the Dr. Pedicure Foot Mask. 3) Secure the booties around each ankle using the enclosed adhesive tape 4) Place a pair of socks on over the plastic booties and remain seated. The added heat helps speed up the process. 5) Keep the booties on for one hour. After 1 hour, remove booties and wash your feet with soap and water.


Coral is a poster icon for spring and summer getaways, and the great news is it is just around the corner! The perfect pop of fun when you need a burst of color, Coral Floral Nail Polish from 10 Free Chemistry is an orange-pink, crème, full coverage nail polish that is formulated using Nail-NRGY Bio Peptide Complex™ — a proprietary blend of plant extracts, vegetable-derived actives, and blends, peptides, minerals, humectants and a multitude of clean ingredients — that hydrates, restores and moisturizes nail while significantly improving their appearance and restoring their health from the inside out. 10+ Free Chemistry is hyper-focused on creating products that are natural, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free without sacrificing quality and performance. These nail polishes deliver an unparalleled experience as it is 85% naturally-derived and 21+ free (meaning it is free of the 21+ common chemicals found in traditional nail polishes). Expect Coral Floral to have 10 days of chip resistance while it strengthens & conditions your nails! A nail polish that looks amazing and is good for your fingertips? We think this cheerful shade will become a staple in your nail-care routine!


Whether you are practicing yoga, hitting the gym, or just need a daily dose of mindful inspiration- the Mantra Grip Socks from Toe Talk was created for you! Featuring a special inspirational message design and a low cut cuff that sits on the ankle, these non-slip grips improve traction, balance & stability to prevent accidental slips or falls. It has a hand-linked toe seam for irritation-free comfort, reinforced toe & heel for durability, a “Y” heel construction with high stretch that eliminates slippage and provides a secure and natural fit, and honeycomb knit arch for enhanced support and to keep socks in place. Lightweight for a “grounded with the Earth” feel, this high-quality sock is enough to wear around the house or during your exercises so that you’re not slipping on any floors! PLEASE NOTE: Design and mantra styles vary


Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t want to hydrate, brighten, and illuminate the skin with just a quick hit of mist while feeling a wash of cooling relief all the while? We know we do! Enter: Manna Kadar’s Hydration Happy Face Mist — a nourishing and hydrating face mist that soothes dry skin (and also stressed humans) that works as a primer, hydrating mist, and makeup refresher. Formulated with clean ingredients including Aloe and Sea Water, this multi-purpose face mist soothes, smooths, and softens skin while providing maximum hydration and calming effect — especially for winter ridden skin. Keep it in your vanity to use as the first step of your skin-care routine, or toss into your purse and use as a mist throughout the day for instant hydration! Drench your skin with love and spray away whenever you need to hit refresh (metaphorically or physically)!


Daily affirmations- do they really work? Research shows it does! Think of affirmations like mental vitamins for your psychological immune system. They provide the supplementary positive thoughts to help alter beliefs about yourself– in turn helping you think more positively and giving you the motivation you need to foster the change you want to happen in your life. Multiple studies have shown that practicing affirmations daily can bolster people’s feelings of self-worth and make them respond more constructively to adverse circumstances. Affirmations act as a symbol of hope. Positive words have such an amazing impact on the way that we think and the more we say something (with intention) the more we believe it to be true. Repeating statements that are positive relating to specific situations can change our brain’s neurochemistry and alter our thought processes, behavior, and how we approach things over time. For the past decade, researchers have linked the benefits of daily affirmations to positive emotional, physical, and behavioral changes!

The truth is, whether we like it or not, our brains are all already wired. That’s just what brains do- they wire themselves up based on our actions and thoughts 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, a lot of us have wired our brains up for some self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts throughout our lives due to past traumas or negative experiences we’ve encountered. Thus, the wiring of our brains often looks like this: negative self-talk, criticism, and unhealthy habits. Of course, we don’t mean to do these things to ourselves. I mean, who consciously wants a negative self-criticizing brain? But nonetheless, our brain won’t ever stop being the hard worker that it is and it will incessantly wire itself every. single. day. There are pros and cons to this incessant wiring though because it means that it is never too late to change the wiring process! We can begin rewiring it positively the same way we’ve been wiring our brains all our life: through our thoughts and practices. So let’s begin with a daily positive affirmation and alter our thought process because neuroscience said so 😉

Our brains are magical (and malleable) as it can reconfigure itself and establish/dissolve connections between its different parts daily. Neuroplasticity works like a muscle — when we think, feel, or behave in a certain way often enough it becomes hardwired into our brains. Neurons fire in response to experiences (thoughts, stimuli, etc.), and the neuronal connections between neurons in different parts of the brain grow stronger and thicker each time the neural pathway is activated. Positive affirmations work as a quick and effective way to change our thought patterns and, subsequently, our brain activity, to move toward our goals. Often awareness alone is the tool that can transform your life, and then affirmation is the catalyst to propel you forward. By changing our mental tapes and choosing new thoughts and beliefs, we can use the brain’s inherent architecture and formal capacities to recreate ourselves.

The custom-designed Therabox Daily Affirmation Deck includes 30 beautiful cards with watercolor art and daily reminders to love & be kind to yourself. Designed to inspire, encourage, and manifest positivity, one card at a time, these cards can assist you in leaping forward toward life and more positive beliefs. Visualize the desired intention in your mind and pick an affirmation each day (yes, even on the days when you’re not feeling it). Visualize positive feelings in the body and mind continuum during the exercise. Over time, these affirmations will be encoded in your belief system and become a dominant force in your life. You change your belief system through repetition and one way to achieve this is by practicing affirmations daily and consistently! Use these cards as tools to help you become more empowered, confident, better able to attain your goals, and set your daily intentions for the day with these cards.

TO USE: Start your day by pulling an affirmation card to create positive momentum for your thoughts and actions throughout the day. You can either pull one card each day in order, shift through the cards until you find one that speaks to you, or shuffles them and pulls a random loving affirmation to read. It’s up to you! We recommend speaking the affirmation both in the morning and again in the evening. This way, you will start your day with positivity and rest on a positive thought. Carry these cards with you throughout your day and pull one out whenever you need a boost in self-love. Feel the words in your soul. Believe them. Believe in you!

EXTRA TIP: Use with a breathing meditation. Silently repeat the affirmation as you inhale and as you exhale, know that you are releasing residual energetic patterns — making space for positive thoughts to enter your mind 🙂

If you missed the INDULGE box, it is available at the Happy Shoppe as a one-time purchase and ships immediately after processing! Click here to get this box today!

Winter is finally saying goodbye for now — the snow is melting and the flowers are blooming! Get ready to bloom into the new season with the BLOSSOM box! Over $180+ worth of refreshing goodies to bring out the best you yet! The BLOSSOM box ships between March 24 – 29th.

Welcome Spring with open arms!
Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in your BLOSSOM box:


Over 60 years ago, the Skin & Co family bought their first acres of land and established a farm in Umbria, Italy to cater to locals by delivering freshly harvested ingredients. Today, Skin & Co honors this tradition of sharing farm-fresh ingredients in their natural and eco-friendly skincare formulas to offer the freshest, most effective, and indulgent skincare, while respecting and sustaining their ancestral Umbrian farmlands. With every bottle, Skin & Co strives to bring the Mediterranean ritual and sensorial experience to their customers around the world by using only time-tested recipes and rigorously selected ingredients. This luxurious cleansing foam is proof of their commitment. The Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream is a highly concentrated gel-crème cleanser formulated to deeply cleanse the skin, remove makeup, dirt and impurities, effectively keeping pores free and clear from congestion & blemishes while soothing and calming sensitivity-prone complexions. Formulated with its hero ingredient–pure Black Winter Truffle Extract, along with Sweet Almond Oil, Mallow Leaf, Centella Asiatica, and Chamomile, this gentle cleanser delivers intense hydration and nourishing moisture, while improving the skin’s resilience and tone. It’s also complete with essential fatty acids that help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier to maintain a supple and radiant complexion + it is ideal for all skin types, vegan, natural, cruelty-free & free from all harmful shenanigans. Say goodbye to dry, dull, and flaky skin and flaunt your good skin all season long! Skin & Co balance nature + tradition with science and modernity to create the very best products for your skin. In today’s time, such dedication to balance and quality is a true luxury!


Why buy body wash and loofahs constantly when just one product will do the trick? Unravel your flawless skin in seconds and feel like a floral goddess with the Spongelle Multi-Use Body Wash Infused Buffer. The flower-shaped buffer is equipped with built-in body wash, letting you save valuable time and shower space! Formulated with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers, and gentle cleansers, these buffers are infused with extracts of yuzu, edelweiss, and vetiver root which cleanses, exfoliates, massages, and hydrates the skin for a luxurious spa-like pampering experience at home– don’t we all love multitasking bath products? Each sponge creates a scented, creamy lather that endures for at least 14+ showers before replacing. Relax, refresh, and revitalize your skin with Spongelle’s do-it-all body buffers! Note: Tribe members will receive either the French Lavender or the Freesia Pear variant.


Not all heroes wear capes, some just have the power to change our skin-care game to reveal that dewy, glowing aura! Imported from the United Kingdom, the Day Moisturizers from Organic & Botanic are formulated with a unique blend of botanical extracts and hydrating actives to help boost and seal moisture content in the skin. Offering lightweight yet long-lasting hydration, this organic and botanic formula is perfect for all skin types! A natural, vegan, free from animal testing, parabens, and all harmful preservatives moisturizer that lets you channel your best skin!

PLEASE NOTE: Members will receive either the:
(1) Amazonian Berry Protecting Day Moisturiser
which is formulated to soothe inflamed and damaged skin, whilst brightening and deeply hydrating the skin for all-over moisture and protection. Ingredients include Elderflower extract, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Coconut oil, and Vitamin E; or the

(2) Madagascan Coconut Preserving Day Moisturiser
which is formulated to soothe and rejuvenate the skin by keeping it hydrated, nourished, and protected, for a brighter, more radiant complexion. Ingredients include Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, Shea Butter and Alpine Rose.; or the

(3) Mandarin Orange Enhancing Day Moisturiser
which is formulated to protect, nourish, and replenish the skin, for a bright, glowing complexion whilst protecting it from daily damage. Ingredients include Alpine Rose, Neroli oil, and Coconut Oil. You can’t really go wrong with any of these blends because they’re packed with nourishment for your face!

Make time for yourself and look ahead to the new things that await you in this beautiful season — the BLOSSOM box has $180+ worth of flowery, citrusy, and fresh goodies that’s sure to bring a spring to your step! Make your self-care routine blossom this month, the BLOSSOM box ships between March 24-29th.

Click here and reserve your dose of BLOSSOM today.

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