September “Intention” Box

An look into our sold-out September Box

If you missed out, you can still purchase the individual items on the retailer’s websites in the links below:

September’s Happiness Boosting Activity: Daily Intentions

A 4 week supply of daily intention cards, September’s happiness booster is focused on setting daily intentions to live a present and authentic life. Think of intentions as an inner GPS system. It’s a roadmap that guides you through the day mindfully. If you set your intentions and do your best to follow them, increased clarity and focus will follow as you tackle life’s daily challenges. Retails for $5.99 @


The Happy Shoppe – Daily Planner
Start you day right with these adorable pastel colored daily planners featuring beautifully illustrated unique designs on each page. Hard cover binding to weather daily use, and compact enough to carry with you wherever the day takes you! Inside, you will find the planner divided into a few sections: Yearly plan, Monthly plan, Weekly/Daily plan plus an incorporated to-do list! Truly a sophisticated yet simple planner that’s completely customizable to fit your lifestyle. Retails for $24.00 @

The Happy Shoppe – Sage Smudge Kit with Abalone Shell

For those new to the world of sage, a quick google search can teach you the longstanding history behind sage, and how to get the most out of this ancient ritual. “Smudging”, also known as burning sage, helps clear negative energy from our lives. The strong scent of sage is thought to purge negative energy from both the physical and emotional space of our lives along with dissipating smoke. The act of burning sage can mark a new beginning or resolution. Furthermore, studies have shown that sage releases negative ions when burned and concentrated amounts of negative ions correlate with lower rates of depression and purification of the air. Many air purifiers utilize negative ions to cleanse the air! While it’s still unclear how much negative ions are released through smudging, you can be sure that the negative ions and positive vibes will float in the air! Retails for $14.99 @


Sol Sisters Organics – 100% Organic Ocean Probiotic Deodorant
We love the fact that this 100% organic handcrafted probiotic deodorant goes on smooth, clear, doesn’t rub off on clothes, smells amazing, and is completely non-irritating. The ingredients within work together to balance your pH levels and combats body odor. If you’re new to using natural products for your underarms, you may have a detox phase as store brand deodorants use chemicals and aluminum to block sweat glands and mask odor. Having an initial cleanse is important, as it will take about one week for your body to adjust to the natural ingredients. When you begin using natural ingredients on your underarms, the sweat glands open up to release toxins in the form of sweat. After the initial detox phase, your new deodorant can fully work it’s magic! Retails for $12.00 + $8 flat rate shipping (~20.00) @

The Happy Shoppe – Textured balance necklace

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This beautiful “balance” necklace features a centering textured bar as the focus point of the necklace. The bar serves as a daily reminder to remain centered, balanced, and mindful as you take on your day with intention. Make a wish or set a goal before putting on your necklace and wear it as a daily reminder that a happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection, but balance. Retails for $15.99 @

Ohm It – “Manifestation” Eucalyptus Crystal Infused Candle

We can’t imagine a better combination than all natural essential oils and healing crystals joining forces in the form of a hand-poured, natural soy based candle. One fills your home with a lovely chemical-free scent, while the other dispels negative energy with good vibes. Combine the two together and you’ve got an addition to your home decor collection that emanates both positivity and style! A perfect addition to your morning ritual, meditation practice, or to end your intention filled day on a high note. We simply can’t stop smelling these candles! We were lucky to get our orders in, as their site is currently under construction. Keep an eye out for when they go live! www.ohmit.meYou may be able to place a direct order through instagram: _om_it

The Happy Shoppe – Good Meowning 16 oz Mug
Animal lovers! Start your morning right with this adorable ceramic cat mug. Designed by the cat lovers here at TheraBox to invoke early morning smiles! Retails for $12.99 @
Oily Provisions – Nasal Energy Inhaler

Inhalers allow for essential oils to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the thin membranes in your respiratory tract. This energy blend is infused with bergamot, lime, cypress, and juniper to combat fatigue and keep you energized throughout your day! Retails for $5.00 + shipping (~8.00) at

Our past 5 boxes have sold out before our shipment date, so save a spot today to ensure you don’t miss our October “Love” box!

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